World Maze Race orienteering in Stockholm!

The World Maze Day on 29 May 2021 will see major cities around the world build orienteering mazes on the same day.

Be the fastest to complete the course and get out of the maze! And it’s free!

World Maze Race details

World Maze Race in Stockholm - 29 May 2021 (Saturday) at Lappis
World Maze Race in Stockholm - 29 May 2021 (Saturday) at Lappis
Date29 May 2021
The maze remains until 30 May for everyone to try it out.
ArenaStora Lappkärrsberget, outside Professorsslingan 39
FormatMaze orienteering (labyrinth).
Two competitors will run together in the maze, entering via opposite entrances.
TerrainThe maze is built on a mini football field of approximately 30m x 10m, with a concrete surface.
TransportationUniversitetet Metro Station, then either walk 15 minutes, or change to bus no. 50 and get off at the terminus (Lektorsstigen).   Car park is available along Bergiusvägen.
EntryMembers of a Swedish orienteering club:
Register on Eventor, latest by 17 April 2021.
Note – This event is listed as a club event, please choose “All events” in search.
All others: Register on Metvigo, latest by 26 May:   You need to choose a timeslot.
Limited quota available for entry on the day.
Entry feeFree
Card rental 30 kr
CategoriesJunior: D/H 20 – born 2001 or after   Open (any age):
D/H 21   Senior: D/H 35 – born 1986 or before   We will try to arrange people in the same category to run together whenever possible.   Note:
D (damer) are female categories.
H (herrar) are male categories.
Rundown29 May 2021 13:00 – arena opens
14:00 – timeslot 1
16:00 – timeslot 2
18:00 – timeslot 3
20:00 – timeslot 4
30 May 2021
The maze will be available until 21:00 for everyone to try it out. Maps will be available at the entrance of the football field outside Professorsslingan 39.   No prize presentation.
TimingSPORTident. You need your own card.
Rental card 30 kr.
Start list &
Event information
Published on or before 26 May 2021 on Eventor and
Results & PrizesThree prizes (certificates) per category.    

Special thanks to SSSB for sponsoring the venue.