StockholmMobile orienteering

Play orienteering with your mobile anytime around Lappis

Mobile orienteering for Lappis residents - Norrsken Orienteering x SSSB

The first mobile orienteering content of Norrsken Orienteering is now released—stay tuned to the Lappis Facebook group for more content:

From 28 March 2021 (Sunday), when summer time in Sweden starts, you can play orienteering anytime with your mobile around Lappis, thanks to a cooperation between Norrsken Orienteering and SSSB.

Orienteering is a navigation sport, originating from Scandinavia, in which you visit checkpoints in the given order, with a map and compass. Running (foot orienteering) is the most common form of orienteering, although other forms such as ski orienteering and mountain bike orienteering also exist.

The cooperation means several mobile orienteering games will be made available for all residents of Lappis for leisure and fitness. The orienteering games are free of charge, and takes you around the natural areas of Norra Djurgården, part of the Royal National City Park.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought renewed urgency for fitness and health. New options for outdoor activities are necessary to encourage people to exercise outdoors, breath fresh air, enjoy themselves, and be cheerful. Norrsken Orienteering is therefore glad to contribute to sustainable social development with health and fitness options for students and other residents of Lappis.

The map is provided by Skarpnäcks OL. The mobile orienteering technology is provided by Metrunner.

Join mobile orienteering around Lappis

The links to the mobile orienteering courses will be posted on the Lappis Facebook group on 28 March.

You can play the mobile orienteering course on the website directly. It’s a web app that doesn’t require installing anything onto your phone, although you might want to add it to your phone homescreen when prompted.

Before you start the game, you might be prompted to log in or create an account. After creating a new account, please click on the game link again to return to the game.

Once you started the game, you need to visit the checkpoints in order. The app will detect automatically your location. When you arrive at a checkpoint, the app should inform you automatically that you visited that checkpoint, but if it doesn’t, you can force-check your location by clicking the location pin -> GPS.

When you arrive at the finish point, the game will end. You’ll then be taken to the scoreboard where your time will be listed.

More exciting activities around the Frescati area

In the coming months, Norrsken Orienteering will provide more and more exciting activities around Lappis, Stockholm University, and the Frescati area at large.

On 7 April, Norrsken Orienteering will premiere its first orienteering beginner’s training course in cooperation with SSIF, the premier sports club at Stockholm University. Please stay tuned to SSIF website for enrollment.

From mid-April, Norrsken Orienteering will also provide orienteering training sessions for annual pass holders of SSIF.

On 20 April, Norrsken Orienteering will organise its first Urban-O event at Stockholm University. You can register now.

Norrsken Orienteering will organise the Metrunner #STHLM Stockholm City Race & Trail-O on 16-18 July 2021.

Stay tuned for more Norrsken Orienteering activities to come!