Norrsken Urban-O 2021 Overall Results

Stockholm Urban-O thematic picture

The overall results for the Norrsken Urban-O Series is now ready! Explore the results.

Prize certificates will be emailed in the coming days.

The Urban-O Series 2021

The 2021 series is the inaugural series of Norrsken Stockholm Urban-O. It consisted of 7 stages (plus 1 cancelled stage) of urban orienteering, including the 3 stages of Metrunner Stockholm City Race.

Most stages are of the urban middle distance format at 4-8km, with the Metrunner Stockholm City Race including also a sprint of up to 4km and an urban long distance of up to 16km.

More than 160 people participated in at least one stage of the series, of which 30 competed in H16 class, making it the class with most competitors.

Beside Swedish orienteers, we also have athletes from countries like Britain, Belgium, Canada, France, and Switzerland.

The overall results are calculated by a time proportion system with the winner of each stage getting 1000 points. With 7 stages, the maximum overall points that can be achieved this year is 7000.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned to the 2022 series which will be updated at the Urban-O website!