Stockholm Maps

Our delicate orienteering maps in the Stockholm region

Explore our orienteering maps in and around Stockholm below. These maps show more details than a street map; they are useful not just in orienteering, running and sports, but also for community uses such as urban planning or community projects.

Orienteering maps are drawn according to international standards that enable athletes all over the world to understand and read the terrain and features easily.

As we organise more events, we’ll publish more maps here. Stay tuned!

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Stockholm Mobile orienteering

Play orienteering with your mobile anytime around Lappis

The first mobile orienteering content of Norrsken Orienteering is now released—stay tuned to the Lappis Facebook group for more content:

From 28 March 2021 (Sunday), when summer time in Sweden starts, you can play orienteering anytime with your mobile around Lappis, thanks to a cooperation between Norrsken Orienteering and SSSB.

Orienteering is a navigation sport, originating from Scandinavia, in which you visit checkpoints in the given order, with a map and compass. Running (foot orienteering) is the most common form of orienteering, although other forms such as ski orienteering and mountain bike orienteering also exist.

The cooperation means several mobile orienteering games will be made available for all residents of Lappis for leisure and fitness. The orienteering games are free of charge, and takes you around the natural areas of Norra Djurgården, part of the Royal National City Park.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought renewed urgency for fitness and health. New options for outdoor activities are necessary to encourage people to exercise outdoors, breath fresh air, enjoy themselves, and be cheerful. Norrsken Orienteering is therefore glad to contribute to sustainable social development with health and fitness options for students and other residents of Lappis.

The map is provided by Skarpnäcks OL. The mobile orienteering technology is provided by Metrunner.

Join mobile orienteering around Lappis

The links to the mobile orienteering courses will be posted on the Lappis Facebook group on 28 March.

You can play the mobile orienteering course on the website directly. It’s a web app that doesn’t require installing anything onto your phone, although you might want to add it to your phone homescreen when prompted.

Before you start the game, you might be prompted to log in or create an account. After creating a new account, please click on the game link again to return to the game.

Once you started the game, you need to visit the checkpoints in order. The app will detect automatically your location. When you arrive at a checkpoint, the app should inform you automatically that you visited that checkpoint, but if it doesn’t, you can force-check your location by clicking the location pin -> GPS.

When you arrive at the finish point, the game will end. You’ll then be taken to the scoreboard where your time will be listed.

More exciting activities around the Frescati area

In the coming months, Norrsken Orienteering will provide more and more exciting activities around Lappis, Stockholm University, and the Frescati area at large.

On 7 April, Norrsken Orienteering will premiere its first orienteering beginner’s training course in cooperation with SSIF, the premier sports club at Stockholm University. Please stay tuned to SSIF website for enrollment.

From mid-April, Norrsken Orienteering will also provide orienteering training sessions for annual pass holders of SSIF.

On 20 April, Norrsken Orienteering will organise its first Urban-O event at Stockholm University. You can register now.

Norrsken Orienteering will organise the Metrunner #STHLM Stockholm City Race & Trail-O on 16-18 July 2021.

Stay tuned for more Norrsken Orienteering activities to come!


Stockholm Maze in support of World Maze Race!

Note: Due to venue constraints, we will not be part of the World Maze Race with standard courses and result reporting. Instead, we’ll build our own unique maze at Lappis. Welcome! (25 May 2021)

The World Maze Day on 29 May 2021 will see major cities around the world build orienteering mazes on the same day.

Be the fastest to complete the course and get out of the maze! And it’s free!

World Maze Race details

World Maze Race in Stockholm - 29 May 2021 (Saturday) at Lappis
World Maze Race in Stockholm - 29 May 2021 (Saturday) at Lappis
Date29 May 2021 4-6pm
ArenaStora Lappkärrsberget, outside Professorsslingan 39
FormatMaze orienteering (labyrinth).
Two competitors will run together in the maze, entering via opposite entrances.
TerrainThe maze is built on a mini football field of approximately 30m x 10m, with a concrete surface.
TransportationUniversitetet Metro Station, then either walk 20 minutes, or change to bus no. 50 and get off at Professorsslingan.   Car park is available along Bergiusvägen.
EntryMembers of a Swedish orienteering club:
Register on Eventor, latest by 28 May.
Note – This event is listed as a club event, please choose “All events” in search.
All others: Register on Metvigo, latest by 28 May:  
You need to choose a timeslot, see “Rundown” below.
Limited quota available for entry on the day.
Entry feeFree
Card rental 30 kr
CategoriesJunior: D/H 20 – born 2001 or after   Open (any age):
D/H 21   Senior: D/H 35 – born 1986 or before   We will try to arrange people in the same category to run together whenever possible.   Note:
D (damer) are female categories.
H (herrar) are male categories.
Rundown29 May 2021
Max 8 people per period, see Eventor
TimingSPORTident. You need your own card.
Rental card 30 kr.
Start list &
Event information
Published on or before 28 May 2021 on Eventor.
Results & PrizesThree prizes (certificates) per category.    

Special thanks to SSSB for sponsoring the venue.

Stockholm Landrunning™ Urban-O

[FREE intro] Join our orienteering training programme in Stockholm: online intro on 27 January 2021

We’re starting our orienteering training in Stockholm from 3 February 2021! We’ll be meeting every Wednesday 7pm outside Frescati Sports Centre, Stockholm University. Training will include running, technical practice and Landrunning™ route choice sessions. City Race events will also be included in the programme, tentatively from March onwards.

A FREE briefing on the training programme will take place on 27 January (Wednesday) at 7pm. The link will be sent by Facebook message to all who signed up. Please sign up by clicking “Going” on the event page.

To join the training programme, please join as a member on! Training will be every Wednesday until week 23 (9 June). Summer training schedule and beyond will be announced nearer to June.

Norrsken Orienteering: the English-speaking orienteering club in Stockholm

Norrsken Orienteering was founded in 2020 by two Asian students in Stockholm, aimed at international students and workers in the world city of Sweden.

Orienteering is a Scandinavian sport that is originally played in forests, but is now also played in urban environments. A navigation sport, it requires fitness in both body and mind.

Norrsken Orienteering is a member club of the Swedish Orienteering Federation (SOFT). Members of Norrsken Orienteering are automatically members of SOFT and therefore eligible for many other orienteering events in the country. Members who hold Swedish citizenship can also represent Sweden in international events.

Join Norrsken Orienteering and get to know this exciting sport!

Landrunning+ Stockholm Landrunning™

Stockholm gets more action with Landrunning+ series

Note: the series is currently suspended and under review of schedule. Stay tuned for updates!

Norrsken Orienteering co-organises the Landrunning Plus (Landrunning+) series in Stockholm, which includes 6 stages around Stockholm plus Landrunning World Series Stockholm Station in August 2021.

What is Landrunning?

Landrunning is a new sport that combines trail running and orienteering. As a landrunner, you choose your own way with a map. The route is not marked on the ground and you need to find the way yourself. All checkpoints are situated on trails and you don’t have to run off-trail into the forest.

Landrunning events include Landrunning+, which are local events franchised to local clubs, as well as Landrunning World Series, a series of high profile races organised by the Landrunning brand. Other activities and workshops may be organised by the local franchisee.

Norrsken Orienteering is proud to be the local co-organiser of Landrunning in Stockholm. A workshop was organised in September. Stay tuned for more activities to come!

The first stage will be on 28 November in Norra Djurgården. Learn more about the series and register at Be aware, the race is limited to 50 people.

Urban-O Norrsken Stockholm Urban-O Series 2020-2021

Norrsken Stockholm Urban Orienteering Series 2020-2021

Note: New schedule announced!

Norrsken Stockholm Urban Orienteering Series 2020-2021

Welcome to Norrsken Orienteering Stockholm Urban-O Series 2020-2021! We bring you to six locations in the city where you might not often go to, and discover more with orienteering.

The series is brought to you by:

Lumonite is a Finnish headlamp brand and our merchandise partner.
Lumonite headlamps
Str8 is a brand of compasses from Finland and Australia, and our merchandise partner.
Str8 Compass
Compare urban orienteering with running and sprint orienteering

Urban orienteering is a longer form of sprint orienteering that takes place in city environments. Orienteering is different from running in that you choose your own route to the next checkpoint.


  1. Stockholm University, 2 June (Wed) 6pmResults
  2. Solna-Råsunda, 16 June 2021 (Wed) 6pmResults
  3. Liljeholmen, 16 July 2021 (Fri) 5pmResults
    Stockholm City Race 2021, Stage 1
  4. Kista, 17 July 2021 (Sat) 10amResults
    Stockholm City Race 2021, Stage 2
  5. Stockholm City, 18 July 2021 (Sun) 10amResults
    Stockholm City Race 2021, Stage 3
  6. Huddinge Centrum, 18 August 2021 (Wed) 6pm
  7. (Location TBC) , 15 September 2021 (Wed) 6pm Back to school special!
  8. Hammarby Sjöstad, 13 October 2021 (Wed) 6pm

Dates and venues are subject to change.

Categories and prizes

Norrsken Sthlm Urban-O categories, results and prizes

The series is for people from all walks of life, including junior, youth, adult and senior categories.

We offer overall prizes on the basis of a point league. The faster you run and the more races you participate, the more points you will get and the more likely you win the series!

Good to know

Norrsken Sthlm Urban-O series - COVID-19 precaution and ways to learn orienteering

Orienteering is probably one of the most corona-safe outdoor sports! We provide a personal start time, so there would be no crowding anywhere in the race. The race is limited to 50 people, so please register ASAP!

We provide coaching on site. You can also try and practice urban orienteering with Metrunner!

Register now

Stockholm Landrunning™

[Rescheduled] FREE Landrunning™ workshop in Stockholm

Landrunning is a new sports discipline where the running route is not marked, but only the checkpoints. You’re given a map and you need to find your way to the next checkpoint. Situated at the intersection between orienteering and trail running, it’s a way to train your navigation skills and enjoy the landscape, exploring people and things along the way.

Landrunning™ Stockholm FREE Workshop 23 Sep 2020 (Wed) 6pm Universitet T-bana

Calling all runners in Stockholm—let’s explore Landrunning together!

Love running? Explore Landrunning with us and find your own way!

We’re starting our first Landrunning workshop in Stockholm, and it’s free! Let’s meet and greet and get started with the basics of Landrunning in Norra Djurgården, conveniently reached by the T-bana (metro)!

Date: 23 September 2020 (New Date)

Time: 6-8 pm

Place: Universitetet T-bana, Frescati entrance


  • Demo of the Game
  • Running skills
  • Map reading skills
  • Navigating techniques
  • City game in pairs

Note! Due to COVID-19 restrictions we’re only able to host up to 48 people (plus two instructors, which make up the legal 50-people limit). The situation may change at short notice so please stay tuned!

The event is FREE—please register below on Metvigo in advance to reserve your place.

Norrsken Orienteering is the official partner of Landrunning™ in Stockholm, Sweden.

See you in Stockholm!


3 forests near Stockholm for an excellent day trip

Stockholm is a city not only on the sea, but also in the middle of nature. Natural areas are easily accessible to Stockholmers, and many orienteering activities happen in the forests around Stockholm. Here are three of the forests that are excellent not just for a day trip, but also for a jog:

1. Drottningholm

Drottningholm has a forest which is convenient from Stockholm
Kanton village beside Drottningholm Palace grounds. The village was originally set up as a row of workshops.

Drottningholm Palace is a Baroque palace near Stockholm, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name Drottningholm itself means Queen’s Island—a fitting name for a grand palace. But the beautifully decorated buildings are not the only highlight on the island—the forest area is even larger and includes the adjacent village, Kanton (named after the city now called Guangzhou in China).

Take the metro green line to Brommaplan, then change to bus 176/177 towards Stenhamra/Skärvik.

2. Lidingö

Lidingö is most famous for the Lidingöloppet 30km running race.
Lidingö is most famous for the Lidingöloppet 30km running race.

Lidingö is an island just across Stockholm, divided from the city by a water channel called Lilla Värtan. Historically dominated by farms, it’s now officially a city of its own with over 40 000 residents. Lidingö is, however, most famous for its annual 30km running race, Lidingöloppet, with over 10 000 runners winding through forests every September. But even if it isn’t September, Lidingö still makes a pleasurable day trip from Stockholm.

Take the metro red line to Ropsten, then change to any 2xx-series bus or the Lidingöbanan light rail. Once on Lidingö, you won’t be far from any forest; especially recommended are Kottlasjön (Lidingöbanan to Kottla station or bus 201), Bosön (bus 211) and Sticklinge (bus 204). Of note, Bosön is the training and development centre of Riksidrottsförbundet (the Swedish Sports Confederation).

3. Norra Djurgården

These sheep in Norra Djurgården belong to the King of Sweden.
These sheep in Norra Djurgården belong to the King of Sweden.

Djurgården is the royal gaming grounds and thus keeps a lot of wild animals such as deer. (They don’t hunt them anymore, though.) But aside from the more famous island which hosts sights such as Skansen and ABBA Museum, there’s also another part of this large royal park—divided from the island by the super-large lawn Gärdet and the medium-density neighbourhood around it. Norra Djurgården is this northern part and hosts even more animals—including a lot of royal sheep (kungens får) and cattle.

Take the metro red line to Universitetet (Stockholm University, on the metro branch towards Mörby centrum) and walk from here.

Alternatively, start exploring from the new neighbourhood of Norra Djurgårdsstaden near Ropsten, reachable by bus 6 from Odenplan or bus 75 from Cityterminalen (bus terminus adjacent to Centralstationen).

Join Norrsken OK

Norrsken OK is the new orienteering club in Stockholm, with new activities coming up in Autumn 2020.

We use English as the main language—perfect for you if you’re an expatriate worker or an international student. But of course we welcome everyone to our club!

Stay tuned—connect with us and subscribe so you’ll get news when we start membership subscription!


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