Landrunning+ Stockholm Landrunning™

Stockholm gets more action with Landrunning+ series

Note: the series is currently suspended and under review of schedule. Stay tuned for updates!

Norrsken Orienteering co-organises the Landrunning Plus (Landrunning+) series in Stockholm, which includes 6 stages around Stockholm plus Landrunning World Series Stockholm Station in August 2021.

What is Landrunning?

Landrunning is a new sport that combines trail running and orienteering. As a landrunner, you choose your own way with a map. The route is not marked on the ground and you need to find the way yourself. All checkpoints are situated on trails and you don’t have to run off-trail into the forest.

Landrunning events include Landrunning+, which are local events franchised to local clubs, as well as Landrunning World Series, a series of high profile races organised by the Landrunning brand. Other activities and workshops may be organised by the local franchisee.

Norrsken Orienteering is proud to be the local co-organiser of Landrunning in Stockholm. A workshop was organised in September. Stay tuned for more activities to come!

The first stage will be on 28 November in Norra Djurgården. Learn more about the series and register at Be aware, the race is limited to 50 people.

Stockholm Landrunning™

[Rescheduled] FREE Landrunning™ workshop in Stockholm

Landrunning is a new sports discipline where the running route is not marked, but only the checkpoints. You’re given a map and you need to find your way to the next checkpoint. Situated at the intersection between orienteering and trail running, it’s a way to train your navigation skills and enjoy the landscape, exploring people and things along the way.

Landrunning™ Stockholm FREE Workshop 23 Sep 2020 (Wed) 6pm Universitet T-bana

Calling all runners in Stockholm—let’s explore Landrunning together!

Love running? Explore Landrunning with us and find your own way!

We’re starting our first Landrunning workshop in Stockholm, and it’s free! Let’s meet and greet and get started with the basics of Landrunning in Norra Djurgården, conveniently reached by the T-bana (metro)!

Date: 23 September 2020 (New Date)

Time: 6-8 pm

Place: Universitetet T-bana, Frescati entrance


  • Demo of the Game
  • Running skills
  • Map reading skills
  • Navigating techniques
  • City game in pairs

Note! Due to COVID-19 restrictions we’re only able to host up to 48 people (plus two instructors, which make up the legal 50-people limit). The situation may change at short notice so please stay tuned!

The event is FREE—please register below on Metvigo in advance to reserve your place.

Norrsken Orienteering is the official partner of Landrunning™ in Stockholm, Sweden.

See you in Stockholm!